3 Best Practices for Managing a Telecommuting Team

In today’s digital world, no one needs an office. Majority of workers nowadays feel comfortable working online rather than being hooked in their cubicles. Even though telecommunication is gaining a lot of popularity, the fact is that there are also some negative stereotypes surrounding it. To effectively work and manage your telecommunication staff, you should be able to know them and have excellent management skills as well. Below are three tips for good management practices for a telecommunication team.
Set your expectations clear
To avoid misconceptions and any misunderstandings, you have to make sure that all your remote workers know what you expect of them. If they always have to be punctual and be present during the working hours, then you have to make this very clear for them. If you are more focused on the final results and don’t care about the time they spend in the office, then you also have to make this clear to them. You can make use of weekly email update to always keep them on those and remind them of what they are expected of.
You can incorporate training sessions through the phone for all your telecommunication team. You can also use video chat or webinar; it all depends on what is convenient for you and your team. If the training is going to involve the use of slides, then a phone call won’t be appropriate.
Just as office-based workers, remote workers also need to be recognized and appreciated if they have made some achievements. Even though you may not be able to see them working for you every day, the fact remains that they have to be recognized for their good remote performance. You can choose to write them an email appreciating them for their excellent job. This way, your team will feel appreciated and will work harder to help you achieve your goals.